VITEC NUTRITION - 'The Animal Nutrition Professionals'


Vitec Nutrition was formed in 1997 by individuals with long career histories with New Zealand's animal nutrition industry.  In 2008 Vitec was acquired by Lallemand Inc, a French Canadian company represented in 50 countries around the world.  Vitec draws expertise from the stock feed milling industry, mineral and vitamin supplement supply business and general nutrition advisory functions.

The personnel within Vitec offer over 100 years of combined skills in the technical servicing of New Zealand's pig, poultry, dairy and pet food industries.  In addition to Lallemand, the company has strategic alliances with DSM Nutritional Products, Provimi, Pancosma, Bayer, Alstoe and Alpharma who have expertise in nutrition supplements and feed additives.

The company personnel profile boasts two nutritionists, Auckland based, specialising in monogastric and ruminant species, pet and equine nutrition.


Vitec currently has a close association with the dairy industry, predominantly through its activities with the New Zealand stock feed manufacturing industry.  Vitec supplies technical expertise with regard to the diet formulation of calf and dairy diets and assists feed manufacturers with the latest concepts in dairy nutrition i.e. the feeding of pre-calving transition diets, by-pass fat supplements, elevated trace mineral supplementation and lameness prevention.


Vitec believes that most dairy farmers acknowledge the benefits of good dairy cow nutrition and that many have taken steps to formulate thier own diets from home-grown ingredients and local by-products and are working in close association with their stock feed manufacturer with whom Vitec also has a close relationship.

Vitec, through its team of Nutritionist and Area Managers prides itself in providing nutritional and husbandry advice appropriate to the dairy industry.  Vitec believes that a direct approach to the dairy farmer will enable a quicker assimilation and adoption of nutritional develpments between feed manufacturers and farmer and provide technical support to farmers manufacturing their own feed rations.

Vitec's future lies in the continuance of its base philosophy of providing quality products coupled with excellent technical service.


Nutritional Premixes, By-Pass Fats, Mineralised Salt Blocks, Ancillary Nutritional Products, Calf Vigor, Close-Up, Feed Palatants, Free Access Minerals, Technical Advice, Analytical Services, Biotin, Rumen Modifiers & Anticoccidials, Yeast & Yeast cell wall derivatives.